McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine investigator Dr. Michael Fehlings on Canada AM

November 16, 2011

McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine investigator, Dr. Michael Fehlings, appeared on Canada AM this morning at approximately 7:40am to discuss the recent controversial halting of the first-ever clinical trials using stem cells to cure paralysis.

Video of Dr. Fehlings appearance can be found at the following link:

California-based biotech firm Geron is closing patient enrolment in its GRNOPC1 clinical trial citing costs and regulatory complexities. Spinal cord injury advocacy groups, such as the Christopher Reeves Foundation, were stunned by the announcement and are reacting angrily.

The original story from the Washington Post can be found here:

Dr. Fehlings is an internationally-renowned expert in spinal cord injury and disease, and is currently leading a team at the McEwen Centre investigating novel stem cell treatments to help those with severe spinal injuries walk again. Please tune in tomorrow to hear Dr. Fehlings discuss the vital need for clinical trials in this area and the work currently underway at the McEwen Centre in treating such life-altering conditions as spinal cord injury.

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