Gentle Ben 2011 – Another Great Success!

December 1, 2011

The Gentle Ben Charity Challenge is a unique and exciting annual fundraising event that really is the ultimate golf and pro sports getaway in support of cancer research and support programs.

While supporting a number of worthy charities across Canada with a focus on cancer research and support programs, the majority of the funds raised support the McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine.  The monies raised over the last few years have funded the creation of The Benjamin Pearl Memorial Fellowship at the McEwen Centre.

In 2011 final fundraising total was a fantastic $114,895.  Organizers Steven and Michael Pearl are both thankful and overwhelmed with the monies raised, the hundreds of people that took the time to donate to their friends and family members that participated on this year's trip, and the thousands of people who are now aware of what the GB does as a result of the missionary work done by all.  While there are many other fundraising events that raise more in absolute dollars, NO ONE can touch the per capita fundraising statistics that GBers provide! After 14 years, the Gentle Ben Charity Challenge has raised $1,200,000 for many worthwhile beneficiaries.

Gentle Ben 14 (Dallas) was another memorable event.  Despite the windy weather Saturday morning, golfers managed to get in two great rounds of golf at two superb championship courses, crowning Brian Jafine as the tournament winner.  On Thursday, participants joined 80,000 Cowboy lunatics for a dramatic come from behind victory for the "Boys" and marvelled at "Jerryland" - the 8th wonder of the world!

On Friday, they were among 4,000 Leafs Nation fans supporting the Leafs as they beat Dallas in an exciting shootout win at the American Airlines Centre.

The Gentle Ben honours the memory of Ben Pearl, father of Steven and Michael Pearl, the tournament's founders. Ben passed away from cancer in 1997, and was known for his gentle nature and his commitment to volunteering at our sister golf tournament – the Dr. Jay Classic.

The Gentle Ben Charity Challenge is administered through the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, which allocates funds to our designated beneficiaries.

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