Visionary Donors

Rob and Cheryl McEwen’s generosity, vision and leadership have helped to chart a dramatic new course for medical discovery – in Toronto and around the world. In 2003, Rob and Cheryl, together with the University Health Network, established the McEwen Centre. To this day, they continue to support the groundbreaking research that is happening right here in Toronto. Their passion, commitment, and dedication are an inspiration to the entire stem cell and regenerative medicine community.

Celebrating Our Donors

We are proud to celebrate the contributions of two of our most generous donors: The Obradovich family. With their support, we were able to further our research in these areas:

Thanks to the Obradovich family, Drs. Shaf Keshavjee and Shin Hirayama are advancing a number of research projects that investigate the rehabilitation of injured donor lungs – as well as the suppression of organ rejection post-transplant.

Why we need to support this research.

In Ontario, there are more people with end-stage lung disease on the transplant waiting list than there are available donors. Even for those fortunate enough to have an organ match, organ rejection and infection are significant risks to health.

Through this research, we will be able to provide a greater number of donor recipients with lungs that are suitable for transplant.

Through our Fellowship program, the Obradovich Family support Dr. Cristina Nostro - a brilliant scientist conducting diabetes research at the McEwen Centre. Right now, she is investigating the potential of stem cells to create insulin-producing cells for people who suffer from type 1 diabetes.

Why we need to support this researchMore than 20 people are diagnosed with diabetes every hour. It is estimated that an additional 700,00 have the disease but don’t know it.

Through this research our diabetes team is accelerating cures to put an end to type 1 diabetes.

Thank you, Obradovich Family, for being such an important part of our McEwen Centre team and supporting this vital research. You are an inspiration to us all.

Recognizing your Support

We appreciate the support of all our donors, regardless of whether they give annually, frequently or on a one-time basis.

Here’s how we recognize their contributions:

Donor Walls

When you make a gift $25,000 or more, we will acknowledge your generous contribution by placing your name on one of our donor walls.

Named Recognition Opportunities

Named recognition opportunities begin at $25,000, and can be physical or virtual. Physical named recognition opportunities include the following and more: Exam rooms, waiting rooms, clinics, wings and department.

Virtual named recognition opportunities are offered in the form of Named Funds, and special education funds that support Scholarships, Studentships, Fellowships, Professorships, and Chairs.

The Upper Canada Medal

Originally created by the Loyal and Patriotic Society of Upper Canada to recognize the distinguished services and bravery of soldiers, the Upper Canada Medal now honours those who have made significant contributions to the McEwen Centre.

Depending on the amount you have donated, we will honour you with one of the following medals: Copper, Pewter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Donor Recognition Events, including Behind the Scenes Tours

Each year, we host a number of events to thank our donors for their contributions.

If you donate $100 or more annually, you will receive an invitation to our Behind the Scenes lecture series. The series includes three exclusive presentations per year by North America’s leading physicians and researchers, and is a great opportunity to learn more about the exciting things that are happening in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine research. 

For more information about the ways we recognize your support, please contact Shauna Seabrook.

Shauna Seabrook

Director, Campaigns

McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine
416.340.4800, ext. 3936

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